About Tai Fenix Kulystin, MA, CSB

Tai provides therapeutic trauma coaching, somatic sex education, tarot and astrology readings, ritual design services, writing, and workshops for individual transformation, liberation, and social change. They strive for authentic, compassionate connection in their work and life, and hope to bring others to a greater sense of sovereignty, self-understanding, and wholeness. Truly dedicated to engaging with everyone as unique individuals while also recognizing our shared divine unity, Tai lives in the paradoxical and liminal.

They walk in the world as queer, trans, genderqueer, fem, fat, white (primarily of British ancestry with German, French Canadian, and Eastern European mixed in), professional middle class, polyamorous, kinky, neuroqueer, occultist, and witch. Currently a student of the Feri Tradition and the Scribe for the newly formed Seattle chapter of the Fellowship of the Phoenix, Tai has been studying witchcraft, tarot, astrology, and magic for nearly twenty years.

Before all else, Tai is dedicated to anti-oppressive trauma healing work utilizing empathy, embodiment, and pleasure. They strive in right relationship with themself, others, and the world. In 2015, they graduated from Antioch University Seattle with a self-designed Masters in Sacred Erotic Psychology, which was focused on uniting concepts from depth psychology, sacred sexuality, and erotic neurobiology in order to assist understanding of the soul-spirit-body-Self. Their life and work is dedicated to practicing sacred sexual healing, encouraging personal spiritual and psychological growth in themselves and others, helping to foster the expansion of human consciousness, and furthering the healing of the earth.